***Please email us at lordstanleyswarehouse@gmail.com if you have any questions regarding this information or any information not addressed in this section!


Q: Are Prices in USD or CAD?

A: All of our prices are in US Dollars (USD)


Q: Why are there only a few cards for sale from my team?

A: While we are experienced sellers, we currently only have a small inventory to choose from since our website is brand new. We hope to increase our inventory size as we gain a loyal customer base and continue to grow!


Q: Are any quantity or shipping discounts offered?

A: We do offer shipping discounts; any orders over $75 ship for free to anywhere in the world! The exception to this is if you are an international buyer and your purchase exceeds $300, a $25 shipping fee will be applied to your order as we will split the cost of an insured package. 


Q: How do I receive my tracking number to track my order and where do I go to track it?

A: If your Paypal shipping address is in the United States (including COMC addresses), your tracking number will be available through Paypal and Paypal will email you once your order has been shipped. For international orders, we will email you your tracking number to either the address in your Paypal account or to the address you leave at checkout. All orders are shipped via USPS and tracking numbers can be checked at usps.com/tracking


Q: What happens if my package is taking an unusually long time to be delivered?

A: Since we are located in the United States, sometimes international packages take longer to reach Canada or overseas destinations. Occasionally, a package may get held up at customs or may disappear in the tracking system for days at a time. Quite commonly, for example, international packages will be held up in Florida, USA, where they all travel before being flown elsewhere. In these instances, we ask that you please be patient with the postal system as they can sometimes take days to update the online tracking information. This is completely out of our control, but 99% of the time the package will resurface and arrive unharmed to it's final destination. 


Q: What happens if my package doesn't arrive or arrives with damaged products?

A: In the event that a package gets lost in the mail or arrives with a damaged card(s), we ask that you please email us before opening a Paypal case or claim. We are dedicated to making your experience with us as flawless and as easy as possible. For any lost packages, we will offer you a full refund for your order. For a damaged card(s), we make a few options available including but not limited to; a full refund and return of the damaged cards, store credit, or a partial refund if you would like to still keep the card(s). Please email us in the event of receiving damaged a card(s) so we can discuss which compensation option would work best for you.


Q: Do you offer any box or case breaks?

A: At this time we currently are not hosting box or case breaks because we are currently a relatively small operation, but that could change in the near future.


Q: I'm an international buyer and really hate paying customs/duties fees in order to receive my package, will you mark it as a gift?

A: Yes, we will mark the value under $20 and will mark the package as a gift, that way you will not have to pay any fees in order to receive your items. The only exception to this is if your order exceeds $300 and you are an international buyer. In that case, the package will be insured for the full amount meaning you will have to pay the duties fees in order to receive the package.